Driving sales, one car at at time.

For the price of ONE billboard…

You Get…

30-50 Adverr Cars

5x Ad Impressions

15x Better Name Recognition





Introduce your own micro moving billboards to neighborhoods, parks and shopping centers


Fixed per-car pricing even in dense high cost areas like the Bay Area or New York City


Urban or country, statewide or certain neighborhoods, launch a memorable campaign in weeks



Name recognition and brand recall rates are 15x higher than static billboards with vehicle advertising


Launch a direct response campaign to track exact ROI down to a single car



50 cars in a single geographic location makes you look larger and appear as the community brand of choice

Details + Pricing

Our pricing includes everything needed for a highly successful campaign:

Decal design, printing/shipping, driver selection, decal installation verification, monthly payments to drivers, etc. Minimum campaign duration is 3 months.