Reach targeted potential customers

with our Giant 9×12 Postcard

for just pennies each!

Reach 5,000 mailboxes for as little as $350 per ad


High Quality, Professional, Full Color 9×12 postcards printed with bright, bold colors on glossy stock = Eye Catching!

Our direct mail advertising service comes with the following details:

Customer reach: 5,000 postcards will be sent
Ad design included: Yes, this price includes the design of your ad
Postage included: Yes, postage is included
Postcard size: 9×12” for optimal exposure

Why advertise on our 9×12 postcards?


Our postcard campaigns are sent to 5,000 of your local residents per mailing. This ensures that you get in front of many local buyers.

No envelopes, no other ads or pages to turn. Virtually guaranteed to be seen by Everyone who picks it up.

We handle everything! From design, printing and delivery.

  • 40% of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail.
  • 70% of Americans believe direct mail is more personal than email.
  • 59% of U.S. respondents agree with the following statement “I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.”

Expensive advertisement made affordable


9×12 postcards are a great attention grabber, but they are expensive. The cost of printing, design and postage make it too costly for most businesses to use on their own.

But when 17 businesses come together to share the expenses, it becomes a highly effective and affordable marketing opportunity.

Our 9×12 Co-Op Postcards are unique. Instead of an envelope full of ads that may never get open or a booklet that may never be read, every prospect sees your ad on our bright and beautiful postcards.

How it works


1. Contact us for an initial conversation

We will discuss your goals, needs, and what area of advertisement.

2. The design

Based on our initial conversation, we will design an example postcard.

3. Printing

Once the design is complete, we will send you an example by mail.

4. Delivery

When we receive your approval, we will send out your postcard.

5. Return of investment

Various tests show that a typical return of investment can be upward of 1,300%. In dollars, that’s a whopping $1,300 return of investment of just $100.

Convenient and effective


No email or envelope to open, your advertisement is loud and clear.


Reach thousands of potential customers in one day, with a national ROP of 1,300%!

No contract, pay as you go

Forget about recurring payments or confusing contracts. You pay per ad, that’s all.

Everything included

You don’t have to break out your calculator. Printing, design and delivery is included in our prices.

The 9×12 postcard is the largest piece of mail that will be shipped as is, no envelopes, no folding = 100% Exposure